Iraqi Kurdish media in disarray

In the 120 anniversary of Kurdish journalism, I would like to share some important questions with media owners, experts, and also media workers in order to rethink about the current media environment. For example;

1. What is the historic role of Kurdish journalism developments?

2. To what extent have media ownerships affected restricting and promoting freedom of speech and media freedom in democratizing Kurdistan?

3. Is it true that the Kurdistan Regional Government in Northern Iraq is one of the main obstacles in front of generating a free environment of Kurdistan journalism practices?

3. While too many people, including politicians and media experts who have seen the partisan media as an official organization for propaganda and exaggerations; why they are still continuing to support such media channels?

4. To what extent do possible for Kurdish political parties to switch off their official partisan media to nonofficial partisan media or increasing the number of their shadow media?

5. Is it possible to make a separation between concepts of “professional” and “independent” media? For instance, having an “independent media” which is financially supported by advertising products, audiences subscribers, and also the foreigner NGOs is more important than the “professional media” which is supported by politicians elites?

I look very much forward to hearing different opinions from you