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You may submit personal information to Kurdish Media Watchdog – CHMK Website and its dissimilar web pages and social media accounts when contributing to our web services, leaving notes or replying polls, this consist of your name, Internet Protocol address (IP address) and residential address or personal email. From end to end this procedure, you are allowing CHMK Website to gather, allocate and use your data or information as stated in our Privacy Policy.

On CHMK Website, you will catch a display place to involve with the public, such as debates, observing and revising of convinced objects or online content and you must appreciate that any personal opinions or information shared on our website may be secondhand by CHMK’s different sections.

CHMK attempts to deliver the newest news and information, appropriate articles and videos of interest to its viewers worldwide in an objective and timely manner which can be opened through or subscribing or signing in our websites and in return we will do our best to make sure your personal information privacy and data keep on safe.


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