Intellectual rights in media work in violation of the Author’s Rights Act and its related rights in Iraqi Kurdistan

A.P.D. Saman Fuzi Omer
Faculty of Law and Politics – Human Development University

One of the manifestations of the developed countries compared to other developing countries is the culture of respecting the moral rights of others, and protecting these rights via effective legislation. This led to more innovations and creations in all life aspects, such as media. From this point our research has come to existence “intellectual rights in media- in the light of the author’s rights and other related rights to it in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, number (17) for the year 2013. if we look for the most important media businesses and activities, which are protected by the author right law, that prohibit the publication by other media methods unless having the authority from their owners or through a specific legal procedure. We also researched other media businesses and activities that are exceptionally protected through the law for some reasons that got priority of the author’s right protection. Finally, we went through the protection tools of the media moral rights and its types either civil or criminal, or precautionary ones and for the sake of strengthening the moral rights in the media field, suggestions and recommendations were given. Thus we went through the independence of this career, which in the outcome led to developing the society and strengthening the democracy in it.

موقع چمك؛ الحقوق المعنوية في العمل الاعلامي في ضوء قانون حق المؤلف و الحقوق المجاورة لها في كوردستان العراق


Do you think that the majority of media in Iraqi Kurdistan Region is not independent?