Media and Politics in Kurdistan

‘Media and Politics in Kurdistan; How Politics and Media are Locked in an Embrace’ has been published by Dr MOHAMMED ALI YASIN TAHA, who is a former Member of Parliament from Kurdistan Region of Iraq from 2014 to 2018 and served at the parliamentary committee of the international relations and diaspora and the committee of Civil Society. He also Founding Member and the President of Open Think Tank and has worked as a university lecturer of LISBOA. In his book, he talked about the relationship between the media and politics in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). KRI is approached as a case study, as an example of the struggle between authoritarian and democratization efforts at the same time. This book contributes towards understanding the dynamics of the media systems in the KRI and attempts to participate in the theoretical discussion of media and politics in this region. The research outcomes show which parts of the press, how many of them and for what length of time the press in the KRI has been owned/controlled by political parties. This book also studies the system of political parties and particularly as related to the press.

The table of his book content is covering below topics;
Chapter One: KRI Political Developments
Chapter Two: The Parallel Formation of the Media and the Political System in the KRI
Chapter Three: The Four Dimensions of the Media System in the KRI
Chapter Four: The Media and Politics in the KRI from the Perspective of Journalists and Politicians

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Do you think that the majority of media in Iraqi Kurdistan Region is not independent?