Turkish affairs covering in Kurdish newspapers

CHMK, Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Assistant Professor Dr Yahia Omer Reshawy as a Kurdish media scholar at Slemani Polytechnic University has published a study regarding Turkish affairs covering in Kurdish newspapers.

In his study abstract said that; ‘The Kurdish media in Kurdistan Region- especially recently- has paid great attention to the coverage of the Turkish issues, when you follow the( visual, audible, written and electronic) Kurdish media, you obviously see the great amount of news, reports, pictures, articles, press interviews and other press editing arts, in a way or another shed light on an aspect of Turkish issues and analyse it. It is clear that the concern and coverage are from both sides. Which means that Turkish media also focus on Kurdistan Region’ s issues, and covers the political, economical and social aspects of Kurdistan Region. So that it is the responsibility of the researchers and the academists to analyse the level, distance and content of this attention and reach some scientific and informational results. The significance of this study lies also on the academic and scientific need in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for such Studies to know how much Kurdish media concern about Turkish issues. This study tried to reach some of this aim. The research is of three sections: the first one is the method of the study. The second section is the theory of the study which is about covering different issues. And in the third section, the researcher uses ( content analysis) method, in which he analysis why does the Kurdish media concern about Turkish issues and did the practical part of the study.’

To read the detail of this study, see below link which may be of interest to you:

رووماڵی كاروباری توركیا لەرۆژنامەكانی هەرێمی كوردستاندا


Do you think that the majority of media in Iraqi Kurdistan Region is not independent?