Which Government may control the mass-media?

CHMK, Kurdistan Region of Iraq: Araz Ramazan Ahmad, as a Kurdish media researcher from Iraqi Kurdistan’s University of Raparin, has published a paper in EURAS Academic Journal entitled: Which Government may control the mass media: Iran and North Iraq as a case study.

In the abstract of his paper, Ahmad stated that “This paper is the comparative study in order to discover the motives of using censorship on Media. The main argument of this study is to determine the “Using of Censorship on Media in different government states”. Consistently, the study depends on document analysis method and academic sources as well. Correspondingly, the study focuses on media and democracy, and then the mass media in Iran and North Iraq. Finally, the law of press in Iran and North Iraq will be analysed to know the key elements of censorship in both governments.

This journal paper along with many papers has been published in the EURO Academic Journal, Volume 04, N0. 01, Spring 2017. It also available on the CHECK Website Page of Journal Publications via below link:

CHMK, Euras Academic Journal Spring 2017 (2)