Dr. Saman Fawzi Omar

Dr. Saman Fawzi Omar

An Assistant Professor at the College of Law and Politics

Business School

Law and Politics 

+964 7701576924

[email protected] 

  • Name: Dr. Saman Fawzi Omer
  • Current Residence: Iraq-Sulaimani
  • Date and Place of Birth: Nov. 6. 1975/ Iraq-Irbil
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Last Office Address: Iraqi Council of Representatives
  • Mobile Number: +9647701576924     
  • Mother Tongue: Kurdish
  • Other Languages: Arabic (fluent), English (fair)
  • Computer Skills: Good
  • Scientific title: Assistant Prof in law since 2013.



  • Ph.D. in law from the University of Sulaimani/ College of Law in the field of civil Law in 2007.
  • Master of Laws in 2003 from the University of Sulaimani/ College of Law with (Very Good) grade. The Title of the thesis is (Civil Responsibility of Journalist Resulted from His/her Professional Mistakes).  This was the first Master that has been granted after the fall of Saddam Regime.
  • Bachelor of Laws from the University of Salahaddin/ College of Law and Politics (1997-1998). I was among the top ten students.



  • Approximately two years of experience as a lawyer in Irbil.
  • Two years of experience as an agal Investigator in the police station of coping crimes in Irbil getting a letter of Thanks and Appreciation from the head of Irbil Court.
  • Editor of the Horaz Student Newspaper.
  • Member of the Body of Editors of (Xabati Xwendkaran “Struggle of Students”) newspaper in 1996. I was responsible for one page under the name of (Philosophy and Social Researches.
  • Member of the Body of Editors of a (Tarazw) magazine issued by The Kurdistan Jurists Union in 1998.
  • Working with (Itihad) newspaper 2000, issued by Kurdistan Patriotic Union and managing one page under the name of (Freedom of Expression).
  • Working in consultancy body of several legal and political magazines, I still work for some of them.
  • I have taught classes at the University of Sulaimani/ College of Law and Politics/ Politics Department/ Evening Branch.
  • Coordinator of two combined projects which are carried out by the International Human Rights Institute (IHRLI)/ Depaul University/ Chicago, joining the IHRLI staff in Iraq in 2005.
  • Head of the College of Law and Politics/ Department of Politics at the University of Sulaimani for 4 years.
  • Assistant Dean of the College of Law and Politics/ Law Department Evening Branch at the University of Sulaimani.
  • I was a member of Iraqi Council of Representatives from 2009 up to date.


He has been teaching the following major classes in different colleges at the University of Sulaimani:

  • Media Law
  • Civil law- real rights (lw406)
  • History of Law
  • Labor Law and Social Insurance
  • Methods of Scientific Research
  • Internet Media and its Legal Problems
  • Rules and Regulations of Law
  • Administrative law
  • Civil Contracts
  1. The law in public
  2. Civil law
  3. Media law
  4. Defamation law
  5. Political and permanent works
  6. Human rights




  • (To Where Novel Takes Us) literary work in Kurdish in 2001.
  • (Martyr “Shwan” is an Identity of Student Movement), in Kurdish, history of student movement 2002.
  • (Civil Responsibility of Journalist Resulted from His/her Professional Mistakes) in Arabic 2003.
  • (Internet Media and its Legal Problems) in Kurdish 2004.
  • (Abusing the Right to criticize) in Arabic, printed in Egypt 2009.
  • (Media under the Sight of Law) a collection of interviews and speeches in Kurdish, 2009.
  • (100 Questions about Media Law) in Kurdish 2011.
  • (Comprehensive Studies in the Media Law) in Arabic 2011.



  • The role of Law in Developing Society, Tarazw MagazineNo. 3 1998.
  • The Place of Individual in the Public International Law, Law Magazine, No. 3 2001, issued by the College of Law/ University of Sulaimani.
  • Using Parapsychology in Criminal Investigation, Law Protection Magazine No. 3, 1996, issued by the College of Law/Evening Branch/ University of Salahaddin.
  • Legal Protection for Human Right on His/her Picture, Zanko Magazine No. 13, 2004.
  • Basic and Nature of Criminal Responsibility of Owner and Editor-in-Chief of the Newspaper, Zanko Magazine, No. 16, 2004.
  • Civil Protection for the Human Rights to Be Forget His Past, Koya Magazine, 2009.


  • Participating in a symposium at the College of Law/ University of Salahaddin in 1996 by a research under the name of (Using Parapsychology in Criminal Investigation) gettiMansouraer of thanks and appreciation.
  • Participating in the committee of writing the draft of Kurdistan Media Law in 2001.
  • Presenting a number of workshops and courses about the rights of children and women.
  • Presenting several interviews and speeches about the constitution and national security at the time of drafting the Iraqi and Kurdistan constitution.
  • Presenting several workshops and courses in Sulaimani, Baghdad, Irbil, and Karkuk with the NGOs like (CDO, IWPR, NPA, DHRD, PAO, etc…..).
  • Participating in a number of seminars and workshops at the Universities of Cairo, Mansoura, Alexandria, and Azhar.
  • Participating in a workshop in Italy for 3 weeks at the Higher Education Institute for Criminal Science in Siracusa in July 2004.
  • Participating in a conference about the Ethics of Legal Profession and its Role in Promoting the Rule of Law which was organized by the International Human Rights Law Institute/ De Paul University-Chicago in 2004.
  • Participating in 2 legal and political conferences about the new Iraqi Constitution and Ownership Problems in Iraq at the College of Politics at the University of Baghdad in 2004.
  • Supervising the Iraqi Team in the International Jessup Competition for Public International Law students in Washington in 26/3/2005 getting a Letter of Thanks and Appreciation for the excellent result that we have got in that Completion.
  • Participating in many Academic Activities in the US in 2005.
  • Participating in the Defense Team for many master thesis and Ph.D. dissertations.
  • Supervised a number of Master and Ph.D. students at departments of law and media in the University of Sulaimani. 
  • Participating in an international leadership visitor program (IVLP) in U.S.A as an only Iraqi parliament with 6 Kurdistan parliament in the year 2013, and they stay for this purpose (25) days.