The Role of Children’s Television Programs on Aggressive Behavior of Kurdish Children

CHMK, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Dr Jwan B. Ali in Department of Education and Psychology, Faculty of Education, Koya University, Kurdistan Region, Iraq and Dr Salam N. Mohammed in the Department of Media, College of Humanities, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region, Iraq have published research entitled ‘The Role of Children’s Television Programs on Aggressive Behavior of Kurdish Children’ in the Koya University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.

In their research abstract, they said that ‘The current study aims at uncovering the role of televised programs in developing the aggressive behaviour among students in grades (4, 5 and 6) of the students of basic stages in Koya district for the academic year 2018- 2019, according to some variables such as (gender, program content, classroom and number of hours watched). The research has prepared a measure of aggressive behaviour as it was extracted virtual honesty through the presentation to a group of experts in the media, sociology, psychology, and education also extracted the stability of the scale method (Mid-segmentation) the stability coefficient was 0.87. The Questionnaire was distributed randomly to a sample of parents of the 504 students in 26 schools. The results showed that the aggressive behaviour among the students are below the average scale and there are significant differences between pupils according to a variable (sex) where the aggressive behaviour among male pupils was higher than female pupils. The results also showed that there are significant aggressive behaviour differences among students according to a variable (program content) where the level of aggressiveness among viewers of programs the contain the aggressive content were higher than pupils who watched non-aggressive programs. In addition, the results showed that there are statistically significant differences between the pupils according to the variable of the grades. However, the results showed that the students who watch TV for more than three hours a day are more aggressive than others. The research concludes with a number of recommendations and suggestions according to the search results.’

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