The effects of COVID-19 on advertising production and revenue reducing

CHMK, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Three Kurdish media scholars have published their new joined research paper entitled ‘The effects of COVID-19 on advertising production and revenue reducing; Kurdish televisions during curfew of Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

In their research abstract, Dr SHWAN ADAM AIVAS, Dr NAZAKAT HAMASAEED HUSEN And HEREM KAREEM GHEFWR have written that ‘The main objective of this research is to explore the effects of the COVID_19 pandemic on the level of production, advertising and income of Kurdish TV channels, especially during the global spread of this epidemic and the internal decisions and measures to prevent roaming in the Kurdistan region of Iraq from March 14th to May 01st 2020. To reach this goal, the research relies on gathering the information necessary to conduct descriptive research methods (the questionnaire and the interview). In this context, the opinion poll and the questionnaire were used with 98 media workers and journalists, an interview with four advertising companies and three Kurdish satellite and local channels as a model for the research community. According to the research results, COVID_19 and the results of maintaining and protecting the pandemic in the curfew period, there is a direct impact on the relationship between the citizen movement and the market movement in the Kurdistan Region, and its impact on journalists more than Kurdish channels and advertising production companies. It also had a negative impact on the level of production of video projects for companies, such as (Suli Media, Ed Media, Unique Engine, and Start Center). At the same time, with other sources of revenue through ownership and financial support by political parties and their companies, with different proportions and levels; its effects on advertising revenue for satellite channels; such as (NRT and Payam) less than local channels like (Falcon TVs). Contrary to the prevailing attitudes of most media workers and journalists from various media channels who have “agreed” that the negative effects of the COVID_19 pandemic and its consequences will become a threat to the survival and continuity of the Kurdish media outlets.’

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