The Media Training Professionals


How do we work?

Using Media Skills’ unique suite of techniques and structures, we take the time to understand what you need and design training sessions to suit you.

For most sessions, a trusted journalist comes along to provide a real-world experience in a safe environment. This is an industry point of difference for us.

Kirstine is based in Sydney but is happy to travel interstate to train, especially to North Queensland. We can also call on other trainers in the national Media Skills Network™, meaning a highly qualified trainer can be found to meet every need.

Who do we work with?

The Media Training Professionals offers individual or group training, for frontline staff to senior executives, from the government, corporate, industry and not-for-profit sectors.

Whether media beginners or veterans, they all emerge better performers – or ‘bullet-proofed’, as they say in the industry. We do not provide public relations services, so there is no conflict of interest in working with in-house or external PR people.

At The Media Training Professionals we specialise in designing workshops and programs for people of all experiences and abilities.

The Media Skills™ methodology we use features:

  • Easy to use formulas and techniques;
  • Up-to-date examples of good and poor techniques;
  • Real-life scenarios and role-plays, usually using a working journalist;
  • Realistic, challenging and always constructive feedback;
  • Plenty of pre-workshop preparation, including analysing your needs and the issues you face.

We record your interviews for review during the session – and you get to keep the DVD afterwards! In some cases, we bring in a professional camera operator to give you the full light-and-sound experience. You will also receive a handy workbook.

We usually bring the training to you but can also arrange off-site sessions if you prefer.



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