How to become a journalist’s go-to expert?

How to become a journalist’s go-to expert?

Research conducted by Media Monitors has revealed the top group of people quoted in the media more often than anyone else, as reported by The Australian. This year entrepreneur Dick Smith was quoted and mentioned by the media 13,684 times, making him the number one choice for most journalists. Being quoted in the media 13,684 times sounds appealing however this number is unachievable for most businesses, especially if they have never been in the media before. One way to get featured in the media more often is by positioning yourself as an expert in your industry and pitching your professional knowledge to a journalist. Here are some tips to help you position yourself as an expert.


Actively look for media opportunities

Many magazines, newspapers and online publications plan in advance the special reports or features they will write about for the entire year. You can look for a publication’s features list on their website or call them and ask for a copy of their media kit. When you look at a features list you can find upcoming topics that relate to your business. You can then email the publication and suggest yourself as an expert to discuss the topic.


Write an article
You can write an article about an important issue in your industry or provide helpful tips and advice. You can pitch this article to relevant publications in your industry and explain why it’s a great fit for their publication and interesting for their readers.


Write a blog
Blogs are a great way of sharing your expert knowledge and positioning yourself as an expert on a particular topic. The key is to pick a topic, and stick to it. You should post regularly on your blog and aim to spark discussion and share experiences, ideas and relevant information.


Build relationships with journalists
One reason why journalists continually interview Dick Smith is because they know him, they know his area of expertise and they know he can provide great quotes. If you do get an interview with a journalist you need to leave them with a great impression so they will consider contacting you in the future. Try and build a relationship with a journalist so they get to know you and get to know your area of expertise. Also be available for every media opportunity you are given. By sharing your professional knowledge you can start to build up your status as an expert in your industry. This may help you to get noticed by journalists and be featured more often in the media. This will lead to more media exposure for your business and help to build your brand and reach your target audience.


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