Assessment and implementation level of the law on access to information

STOP Organization for Anti-Corruption has done a survey on the 2018 biannual Report that covers “Assessment and Implementation of the Law on Access to Information”. This report consists of assessment and analysis of the Law on Access to Information in the Kurdistan region, follow-up and research on the law and barriers in front of the law are explained, a transparent government and a conscious citizen are two vital conditions for a functioning democracy, the availability of information is a fundamental human right.

The Kurdistan region of Iraq (KRG) has passed Law No. 11 on Access to Information, this Act in relation to similar laws in the region, is a very good law but the problem that is not active in reality and therefore it is necessary to activate the law by pushing the authorities to take serious steps to put life into the law.

The report contains; preface, obstacles and challenges, a poll on the implementation of Law on Access to Information, monitoring of electronic websites to the parliament, government and ministries, report recommendations, recommendations by Transparency International Documents and information.