Kurdish Media Watchdog Organization (CHMK)

Kurdish Media Watchdog (KMW) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, and an independent media aid organization. It was also founded by several Kurdish academicians in November 2017. This organization aims to the watchdog, monitoring, evaluating, reporting and studying weakness and invasion cases of professional standards into convergent media contents and Kurdish journalism practices. In the beginning, it is focusing on enhancing media professionalism and raising awareness of the human rights and democratization process of the Iraqi Kurdish society and its residents who have been ignored their human rights or unprofessionally violated them by Kurdish media organizations and their workers into private lives and other civil rights.


What’s more, KMWO covers several projects, including (1) monitoring Kurdish media contents; (2) researching; (3) surveying; (4) training and (5) printing new media sources, such as a particular journal and books. As well as, KMWO’s activities gradually extended to providing media aid in other parts of the country in order to gathering and displaying professional and actual agenda to re-correct and recognize democratic media content regulation and liberal journalistic styles as well. To do this crucial aim, KMWO primarily and intensively is seeking on gathering latest data about the developments and challenges of the media landscape in the KRI. Then publishing gained data, studies, projects, and other activities online through developing a productive online website of www.cmk.or for building a media aid network between media producers and consumers. This website can be used as an original source to access truthful information about up-to-date Kurdish media progress