Recommendations summary of the first CHMK National Forum for Media Reform

To Kurdistan Parliament, Kurdistan Regional Government, Kurdistan Justice Council, Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate, and other relevant

The first National Forum for Media Reform which was held by the Kurdish Media Watchdog  Organization ( that was held in Sulaymaniyah on July 10, 2021, with the participation of nearly 200 academic, journalist, partisan, and party figures, on reform in the Iraqi Kurdish media, activity was raised: 

The political parties in the region should give more decentralization to their media institutions through political, economic, economic, and economic reform as a platform for media reform within their institutions and other media institutions, as well as in those parties to reduce partisan filtering within their parties and work with more professional filtering, and that political parties stop their hands from professional unions such as A union of journalists working to lay the groundwork for suitable freedom for the Gregorian work in the media and the press.

On the other hand, the Kurdistan Parliament must reconsider the laws in force in the field of media and journalism, because some of those laws are in conflict with each other and must be amended and unified with each other, such as the law on misuse of communication devices, as well as the draft law on electronic media and social networking sites, and Parliament must also A law was enacted to establish the “National Council for Media and Communications” for awareness-raising, professional evaluation, and legal regulation of media and journalistic work, and the parliament and the regional government should prevent the misuse of the Kurdish language by media institutions so that proper writing and pronunciation is used and the distinction between regional dialect and formal and official language.

The Ministries of Education, Higher Education, Scientific Research, Endowments, and Culture must work on a new education program called “media awareness” and place it within the framework of education programs at all academic levels. The Ministry of Higher Education must reconsider educational programs in the departments of media sciences, marketing, and public communications in Universities and institutes, and work to change trends in media studies in current and modern issues and topics of education, and the need to appoint graduates of the departments of media, media technology, digital media, marketing and public communications in media institutions in the region.

On the other hand, the judicial and legal authority should monitor the implementation of the laws in force and the processes of the trial of journalists according to Law No. 35 of 2007 for the press and Law No. 11 of 2013 on the right to obtain information, and the need to establish a special court for journalists and press and publishing crimes in order to differentiate between those who abuse freedom of expression and the press And the other criminals, as well as the issue of the assassination of journalists in the region must be resolved, the parties behind those assassinations must be reached and the criminals brought to justice, and on the media channels, media, legal, educational and psychological advisers must be appointed in their channels, in order to review and monitor films, series and journalistic topics that are shown Or publish it to the masses.


Do you think that the majority of media in Iraqi Kurdistan Region is not independent?