The role of public relations in motivating in the company’s employees ,Double-A company as a case study.

CHMK.KURDISTAN REGION OF IRAQ: Dr Hakeem Othman and Dr Bahadin Ahmad as two Kurdish media schoolers have published their new journal article entitled ‘The role of public relations in motivating in the company’s employees, Double-A company as a case study’ in the latest number of Academic Journal of Halabja.

In their research abstract stated that: ‘With the development of human civilizations, relations have being developed a century after another, and public relations placed their distinctive position, and they grew according to the growth of civilization until today that have taken an “Independent administrative framework”, which is defined as art and philosophy in the shadows of its rules and norms were made it, especially in productive enterprises, for the purpose of increasing the quantity and quality of production, and how to market it and present it to consumers. This research about one of the major production enterprises in the field of paper production named(double) company, which has representation in Kurdistan and Iraq and specialized in paper production, this study to identify the role of the public relation department in increasing production by motivating employees. This research is the qualitative description type. In the first chapter, the methodology was shown, as a presentation of the research problem, and its importance, the insistence for such research, and the definition of the most important keywords. In the second chapter, were discussed the scope and the extract some reviewed of the previous studies related to this research. In the third chapter, showed the aspect of the procedures and practical part and methods, which will extract the sample from it, which was 62% of the total number of employees in the company. As for the fourth chapter, it is devoted to analyzing the results and discussing them. As for the fifth and last chapters, the research concluded with a report of conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for later studies in this field.

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Do you think that the majority of media in Iraqi Kurdistan Region is not independent?